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Brings all your needed tools in one place, easily and free. Serve a lot of quick tools for everyone (developer, tester, student, office worker,...) for fast, safe and free. All of you need is a browser such as (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE >= 10,...) is proudly powered by...

  • Formstone - A collection of front end components.
  • ImageMagick - Performs most of the image editing tasks - resizing, optimizing, cropping...
  • FFmpeg - The real one for video conversions and editing
  • Nokia Technologies - High efficiency image file format (HEIF)
  • Formstone - A collection of front end components
  • jQuery TE - A jQuery plugin. It is a lightweight (19.5 KB) and very useful HTML editor. And it works with WYSIWYG model
  • TinyMCE - Full featured rich text editing Featherweight
  • JQuery - A fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library
  • W3.CSS - A modern CSS framework with built-in responsiveness
  • JSDiff - A javascript text differencing implementation
  • Pixabay - Stunning Free Images.
  • Apache PDFBox - Open source Java tool for working with PDF documents.
  • JQuery-cropper - A jQuery plugin wrapper for Cropper.js.

Quick jumps: Pdf, zip, image, convert tools, utility tools and so on.
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