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This tool helps to convert High-Efficiency Image Coding (HEIC) to various popular formats such as JPG and PDF. Run in batch processes for converting HEIC photos with high-performance algorithms.

In convert HEIC to PDF feature. The output document size can settable for A4, trade book, and magazine. Each HEIC image to each PDF page, and then join all of them into a completely PDF file.

Why do you see your iPhone sets the HEIC file format to default instead of JPG?
Since iOS 11 and iPhone 7th, Apple calls HEIC format named is High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF). HEIC image supports encoding the image with high quality and significant file size reduction.

Note and tips while converting HEIC to JPG/PDF:

The compressed zip file that contains all JPG images download link will show when the progress has finished (or merged document if you chose the output is PDF).

Let's the AI helps to determine the best compression level for making high JPEG quality and saving the file size as the same as HEIC source.

Quality (%):
Choose the output format that you want (JPEG image or PDF document).

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