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Image optimizer online helps to auto calculating the best smallest image size belong with the highest quality. Additionally, the smaller image size will decrease the page load time and improve Google Pagespeed Insights score of your website.

Since Google has turned down the PageSpeed Service, there is no way to download the optimized images from Google Pagespeed Insights page. This tool followed this documentation strictly to optimize your image that can be passed image validation on PageSpeed Insight. For other purposes, you can use this tool as png optimizer and jpg optimizer.


The output is optimized for JPEG 2000, JPEG XR format. That helps to improve your page speed also has the better score on Google Pagespeed Insights. All output images will be zipped after the uploading and processing job finished.

For a better experience, you can upload all images for optimizing (that includes all subfolders also) by drag and drop files and folders. The output still keeps folder structure for easy to replace your current images at server dir.

Optimized jpeg quality (%):

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