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If you have a confidential PDF document that contains sensitive information, you need to ensure that it is protected from unauthorized access. With's online PDF encryption tool, you can protect your PDF files with a password and ensure that only authorized persons can access your important documents.

Our PDF protect password online tool is completely free to use and offers a safe and secure way to encrypt your PDF files. Whether you need to encrypt a single PDF file or multiple files, our tool can handle it all. Simply upload your PDF file and set a strong password to protect your document.

With our encrypt PDF online tool, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your confidential information is safe and secure. So why wait? Try our encrypt PDF free tool today and protect your important documents with a strong password.

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How to set password for PDF?
To set a password for a PDF, you can use a PDF editor or an online PDF tool. One option is to use Adobe Acrobat, which allows you to set a password when you save your PDF. When you go to "Save As", you can select "Security Options" and then choose "Password Security" to set a password for opening or editing the PDF.
If you don't have access to Adobe Acrobat, there are many online PDF tools that can also set passwords for your PDF. One such is this Encrypt, Protect PDF By Password tool, which offers a password protection feature that allows you to set a password to open or edit your PDF.