With our free QR code generator tool, you can quickly and easily convert any URL or text into a QR code. QR codes are a great way to share information, whether you want to promote your website, advertise a product, or simply share your contact information. By using a QR code, you can make it easy for others to access your information with just a quick scan, without having to type in a long URL or text.

Plus, QR codes offer an added level of privacy and security, as they can only be scanned by those who have access to the code. So why not try our QR code generator today and start sharing your information in a more convenient and secure way?

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What is a QR code?
QR code is a type of barcode that stores information in a matrix of black and white squares. It can be scanned by a smartphone camera and used to quickly access information or perform an action, such as opening a website or adding a contact to your phone.

How to generate a QR code?
To generate a QR code, follow these steps:

  1. Paste the type of data you want to encode, such as a website URL or plain text.
  2. The QR code will be generated automatically immediately.
  3. Download your QR code by clicking "Download" button